Ripples of Hope!



Bobby Kennedy once said, “Small actions can be like pebbles being into  a still lake, and ripples of hope cascade outwards and can lead to Change!”
                                  Few days before I came across the much talked advertisement of Vicks India. In recent days our media is showing sensitivity towards highly sensitive issues which is really commendable. It is the advertisement which changed or gave whole new perspective to my typical idea of ‘Motherhood’. It made me realise that motherhood is certainly not a physical thing it is rather an emotional bond. An advertisement portrayed the story of third gender person who raises orphan girl as her own daughter. The girl considers her as her real mother. GENDER does not come in between their sacred relationship. This mother daughter duo surely gives us relationship goals.
                                      The one thing that strokes my mind was the desire of daughter to be a lawyer though her mother wants her to be a doctor. There is reason behind being lawyer is that she wants to fight for the equal rights of her mother who is non-respectable human in the polluted eyes of society. According to her, if everybody is equal then why not her mother? The question is genuine and insightful for us who claim ourselves as so-called Modern. Gender makes people different from each other but not superior or inferior from each other. The traditional mind-set along with ‘not desire of change’ is biggest obstacle in our path I believe. I remember when I was young I used to afraid of third gender. I had same feeling till I was nineteen. A year before, when I met them for a project, talked to them and try to understand them it changed my way of looking at things. They are not ashamed of themselves it is the society that make them feel that way. Then also they don’t hate people they just ask for their rights. The struggle, fight and the life they live is with courage which I doubt we have.
In case of homosexuality, if there is something unnatural and wrong then it’s not the people who have inclination towards same gender but our perspective of looking at them. Who are we to reject the rights of people from following their mind? ‘Love’ is beautiful feeling and everybody should have privilege to enjoy it no matter what their gender is. Art.377 of our Constitution is surely not the one to be praised or to be proud of. It should change by changing reality. It will surely take time but somebody wants to take lead for the Change is nothing less.



Straight From the Heart…!

m                  For me writing is something like opening the doors of my mind. The things I am going to write are not very imaginative, catchy or with the typical characteristics of popular writing but yes, they are realistic and thought provoking which pop into my mind without caring about the time and place. They make me unstable,conscious and much more than that…. They motivate me to write, to make my voice louder, they are my inspiration!
Sometimes they make me realize how lucky I am living without fear,suppression… or sometimes, how self involved I am! Such a busy in my own life that I am unable to see things taking place in front of me. They warned me that though I am safe today, I may not be tomorrow. Feeling the pain of your fellow human beings and understanding them is a need.
The people…Their lives…Their stories…
Difficult to believe yet need to understand.
Disables, victims, refugees…people with different identities but all sufferers, prey of circumstances begging for dignity which is basically their own right. Some of them are even unknown to the cause of happenings, Children of lesser God!
I am a small activist who is trying to make their voice a bit louder so that, the noisy world could listen to at least some of them. The struggle is for their rights and for their life; we need not to do something extraordinary for that, we just need to treat them like humans.